Biography of Babar Ali, The Youngest Headmaster in the World

Babar Ali - " The Youngest Headmaster in the World "

About Mr. Babar Ali

The Youngest Headmaster in the World

Walking home from school, 9 years old Babar saw some of his children of his age unable to attain school because of their poverty. He was so agnoised by the thought that his companions were unable to study like him because of their poverty, he decided to do something for them. Determined to share his education as a ifth grader at a state-run school at Beldanga in Murshidabad district, he turned teacher to his poor friends in the backyard of his own home. He has been over this many years, a silent crusader imparting education to hundreds of poverty-stricken child labours. He completed his schooling from Beldanga C.R.G.S. High School. He has completed bachelor of Arts (English) from Krishnath College and Master of Arts (English and History) University of Kalyani. Mr. Babar Ali is regularly invited for lectures from schools and colleges across the country.Swami Vivekananda is his role model.

Mr. Babar Ali

Headmaster of Ananda Siksha Niketan
Babar Ali

Journey So Far

Babar Ali has been honored with several prestigious awards for his outstanding contribution in the field of education since 2002, when he was 9 years old. Babar Ali was featured in Amir Khan’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in 2012 and Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016.

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Inspired by the extraordinary contribution in the field of education the biography of Babar Ali was included in the Pre University Standard English Text book in the State of Karnataka published by the State Govt. of Karnataka.
Biography of Babar Ali has also been included as Part of lesson in CBSE 10th Standard Syllabus
Biography of Babar Ali in Europe
Chapters on Babar Ali included in books of Oxford University Press and Britannica.

Awards Won by Babar Ali

Award 1

Real Hero Award by CNN IBN, 2009

Award 2

The Youngest Headmaster in the world by BBC, 2009

Award 3

Indian of the Year by NDTV, 2010

Award 4

Literacy Hero Award by Rotary India Literacy Mission, 2015

Award 5

Rising Literacy Hero by International Literacy Association, 2016

Award 6

Education Leadership, 2017

Award 7

Indian Iconic Award by Rotary International, 2017

Award 8

Teacher Warrior Award by Global Educators Fest, 2017

Award 9

Hero of the Nation Award by Nisha Foundation - Ministry of Women & Child Development and Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India, 2018.
Babar Ali

Fellow & Countries Visited


  • TED fellow -2009
  • INK fellow -2015
  • WIRED FELLOW (UK)- 2016

    Countries Visited

  • USA-2010 & 2015
  • CANADA - 2013
  • FRANCE - 2014
  • BANGLADESH - 2015 & 2016
  • SINGAPORE — 2016
  • UNITED KINGDOM - 2016 & 2019

" It all started as a game when I used to teach my sister, my first student in my backyard. Later, some migrant children from the village used to come to my classes and that was how the school was born."

Babar Ali Headmaster, Ananda Siksha Niketan